Umbrella Companies for Locum Vet Staff

Part 2: Further to our original post in December last year on umbrella companies for locum veterinary staff ( we had requests from readers looking for additional information. We listened and we will be filling any blanks from the last one.


First up is an important one for all locum staff- veterinary surgeons particularly. Are you insured when working through an umbrella company?  We always advocate ‘professional’ locums (i.e. full time locums) to register with the VDS annually – Dec ember 2020 blog.  The answer depends on which umbrella company you locum through. We mainly work with I4 Group and Churchill Knight.

I4 Group- Locums are covered while working through this umbrella company.

Churchill Knight- You are also covered while working though them

There are of course several hundred more umbrella companies in the UK- most of the veterinary groups now operate a preferred supply policy where they will only accept locums through certain pre approved ones. Both Churchill Knight and I4 Group are on all the lists.

Locum vet jobs will often come with practice insurance cover as you will replacing an existing vet who is off. That said you should always check with us to confirm whether you are.


Secondly we are regularly asked (initially) what the charges are to locum vets and locum RVN’s, and do they differ?

Churchill Knight charge £18 per week whether you are a locum Vet or a locum Vet nurse

I4 group charge 10% of the locums wages up to a maximum charge of £20 per week.  So for locum RVN’s or part time locums this is a good option.

i4 Group

Churchill Knight

If you have any more questions regarding umbrella companies do get in touch and we can do a part 3!