As a veterinary recruitment agency specialising in recruiting veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, and locum vets/RVN’s, we take on the responsibility at every step of securing you a position. We will thoroughly cover the geographical area you have provided to us at interview stage & will then guide you through the interview process, arrange your interviews, and finally negotiate the salary & terms of your position- keeping in close contact with you at all times during the process

We promote equal opportunities for everyone regardless of age, disability, gender, marriage, pregnancy, race, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic background.

Whether you are a veterinary nurse looking for a permanent position in Bristol, a veterinary surgeon interested in a temporary job in Devon, a locum vet seeking your next placement, or seeking a an admin/support role, we can help.


Registering with us is a simple but crucial part of setting up with us. This is where you tell us who you are, where you are, what your qualifications you’ve done, what your skill set is and what veterinary job you’re looking for and when you’re looking for it.

This enables us to speak to employers on your behalf knowing that you are able confidently do the roles they have available. We have high standards here and were the first agency to incorporate mandatory skills assessments for all staff which most other agencies have now followed. This is provided to practices along with your CV before you speak to each other and gives the practice a clear overview of your capabilities strengths and weaknesses. Therefore everyone knows what they are getting in advance.


As well as the career choice for many professionals, temporary or locum veterinary work can also be an ideal solution for those in between jobs, travelling or looking to return to work after a career break. Consider the advantages we offer:

Completely independent service:

Because we do not make any money from what you charge as a locum vet or nurse, we can provide you with an unbiased and independent opinion on how much you should charge. We will work with you to secure the best possible rate of pay for your locum position, and advise on the benefits to work on a Self Employed or PAYE basis.

The market for locum veterinary professionals is competitive, meaning that experienced individuals with initiative are in high demand. As a result flexible individuals available to start immediately and move around should not be short of temporary opportunities.

Expanding your veterinary skills:

Temporary or permanent veterinary work in different environments and different industry sectors are the single most effective way of broadening your skills base and enhancing your career. We now cover the whole of the veterinary jobs market including industry related positions and the animal health market. So should you wish to try something new then we’re able to source and locate a suitable alternative.

Access to the UK’s top employers:

Because we cover the whole of the UK and Ireland, we’re able to put you forward for all of the larger organisations that are working in the UK and will often have positions available that are not advertised elsewhere.

Permanent Veterinary employment:

If you are looking for a permanent veterinary job then using GLG is an efficient and stress free way of finding the most suitable job. We are in contact with thousands of employers across the UK and Ireland, which enables us to match the most relevant position to your exact criteria.

Also, we can arrange locum work in the interim period, keeping your skills sharp in a temporary role will make you more attractive to prospective employers, as well as providing a valuable income whilst you find the most suitable job.

We will negotiate the salary and package on your behalf , and can provide employment advice and assistance wherever needed.

Your information:

When you register with us you are giving us permission to provide prospective employers with your CV. None of your personal details will be given out. Your privacy is important to us, and we assure you that your information will not be used for any other purpose than finding you work. Should you not wish for us to forward your CV to prospective employers do let us know in advance.