Directors running Marathon to raise money for Veterinary Mental Health

In September, our 2 Directors will be running the Bath Marathon to raise money for the Veterinary Health Charity Vetlife to help support veterinarian struggling with their mental health.

We are passionate about wellbeing and positive mental health and are looking forward to doing our bit to help such an important service to the veterinary profession. If only there was one for Recruitment!

Working as a vet or vet nurse has it’s ups and downs and Vetlife are there to provide independent, confidential free help for everyone in the veterinary community including veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, students and non-clinical staff.

We owe our business to the profession we work in and raise money annually for various charities. We feel that this year, post Covid, Vetlife would be a great one to work with.

Susie is a seasoned athlete with multiple Ultra’s under her belt. Jonathan is far more comfortable in a pub lounge than running marathons 😉, so this should be a very rewarding race to train for and compete in. We will send out the sponsor page closer to the date.

The Bath Two tunnels Marathon is on the 21st August.