Not all Veterinary Recruitment Agencies are the same.


In this post I’m going to be discussing what we do at GLG Veterinary Recruitment and why we do it. Why we’re different from other veterinary recruitment agencies and why we’re very happy to say it.

As an independently owned and managed Veterinary recruitment agency we are able to trade in whatever capacity we wish to. Rather than be complacent we opted to strive for excellence. The market has irreversibly changed since we set up in 2005, and there has been a growing spectre of dissatisfaction and burnout in a profession that has always been powered by the passion of it’s staff.

Vets and vet nurses don’t come into this for money – they’re here because they love the idea of animal care.  As an agency that is continually speaking to veterinary practices as employers, and veterinary staff as workers we can see trends forming at an early stage. I have been watching this apathy and resentment grow in the minds of the people that we’re speaking to – particularly in the last 2-3 years. I know that we’ve had Covid – and Brexit- and IR35 – And that’s just this year! Which of course has put a huge additional layer of pressure on the profession.  But still….

Therefore all staff are feeling the weight of that on their shoulders. Combined with the swathe of corporate buyouts which can often disrupt the staffing configuration of the practices- particularly at an administrative level where it will usually be centralised after purchase.

With this is mind the veterinary recruitment agency supplying staff to the practice should be looking to take on as much of the burden as possible. As a veterinary recruitment agency, whether we are resourcing for a permanent Veterinary Surgeon role or looking for a locum vet nurse our approach is always the same. Be thorough, focus on detail, aim to match the clients wants with the candidates skillset. Ultimately resource and fill the vacancy as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Locum Staff:

Whether practices want it or not the locum market now plays an integral role in modern veterinary practice. Higher pay rates and the allure of a greater work life balance and part time/flexible hours has reinforced this. Therefore if you are recruiting a locum vet or locum RVN read on. For practices getting the right quality of staff with the competence to resolve your problems- not add to them has never been more important.  And for locum veterinary staff using an agency that genuinely has your back will pay off very quickly. So many agencies either don’t understand or don’t care about who they supply. They are just thinking about profit.

At GLG always treat the process of recruitment with respect. We understand our place in the chain and want to ensure we work to as high standards as possible. Whether you need emergency cover or have interim gaps while recruiting permanent veterinary staff our experienced consultants are here to help. Or if you’re a locum vet or vet nurse looking for you next placement. Know that you will be looked after.

Permanent staff:

From an employer perspective attracting and retaining Veterinary surgeons and Vet nurses is always the number one priority. In what is now a massively reduced pool due to Brexit your permanent staff have never been so important. The exponential growth of the corporate sector in the last 10 years has created an unsustainable requirement for RVN’s and Vet surgeons. Even with the now 9 UK Universities offering the Veterinary Surgeon qualification compared to the original 5 from when we set up back in 2005. There is still a huge shortage of available vets in the UK.

We are here to have open and honest discussions with all parties and mediate and placements smoothly. Our diplomatic and ethical principles are the guiding force here. The transient nature of moving employment means there will always be an element of uncertainty and worry. Therefore it is our job to ensure that we make this process as straightforward as possible.


Veterinary Recruitment is never straightforward, and placing staff is akin to the square peg/ round hole analogy and often about compromise- particularly in todays’ highly competitive market.

We are here to play our part in that process to he best of our knowledge and capability. The last 20 years of Veterinary jobs have been about global migration into the UK. We foresee the next 20 years to have an increasing European and Global Veterinary jobs market becoming the norm. Following the UK’s lead. The role of the specialist veterinary recruitment agency will play an important part in this development, and we intend to be at the forefront.

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