Global Veterinary Jobs

In this article we will be looking at the global veterinary jobs market. With the Veterinary profession covering all corners of the globe we are finding more and more people are looking to work abroad. There has always been a strong migration between the UK. Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. As we are all English speaking countries and there are similar practice standards or education and practice.


Europe has been a large feeder of UK practice for many years going one way into the UK.  With the growth of the corporate veterinary sector more corporates are moving into Northern Europe. As a result there are the beginnings of opportunities arising all over which is an exciting development.


China, Malaysia and the middle East are also starting to open their doors to non domicile veterinary surgeons. As a result there are some exciting roles coming through. The growth of a handful of small groups starting to form in Asia are very exciting. As a result we are increasing the number of roles we have across the region as this happens. There are Veterinary board eligibility restrictions depending on where you have graduated from which can be frustrating. This means that for some it is not possible to work in a certain country as your qualification is not recognised. They  need to comparable to the home nations one.

Global Vet Jobs

With the global veterinary jobs market more attainable than ever,  we’re here to bring the worldwide veterinary profession closer together. You may be Veterinary Surgeon or a Veterinary Nurse and considering working for a few months, or making a permanent move. We are here to guide you through the process, source suitable roles and turning that dream into a reality. Although relatively sparsely populated throughout the world, the global veterinary jobs market is an exciting one and one to watch for future years to come. We will be here to assist in that growth as it happens.

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Global Veterinary jobs include Australia and Sydeny