What could be more important than the world we live in? We are at crucial stage in the survival of the world as we know it and all of us have a responsibility to help it. We believe the faster the world stops relying on fossil fuels and moves towards a zero-emission future, the better.

We had wanted to make our main office carbon zero for several years and we started working towards it in 2011, and achieved this in 2013. We had to change all the energy production from reliance on fossil fuels to renewable energy. Our electric comes from a 3.75kw photovoltaic system, and our heating and hot water are driven by a 30kw wood pellet boiler where the fuel used is made from recycled wood. We have changed all our light bulbs to low energy bulbs. All products used on site are environmental or recycled products.

As almost all of our work is done on site using the phone or internet powered by green energy we use very little else. We also make sure all of our employees are local and that they respect and adhere to our environmental aims and standards. If employees are required to travel to any events our primary aim is to use public transport. Three members of staff are operating a car share system to and from work and at lunchtimes. We switched to paper free invoicing many years ago and payments are all done online. We use local companies for our computer servicing and marketing design. For lunchtime staff supports local independent food services. Meetings that are arranged or staff outings support local independent retailers. We try to buy products from as many local producers as possible.

Staff welfare is something we are continually developing. We have a staff wellness area outside the office where staff can go to relax and recharge, as well as a staff vegetable patch and a large seating/eating area. It is a quiet place of contemplation, a place they can relax and get away from their computers and out of the busy and sometimes stressful recruitment environment. Summer months allows for yoga in the garden, healthy mind, healthy body = high productivity.

We protect and enhance the physical environment and its biodiversity on site. The main office is situated on a small holding in Monmouthshire. We have little waste in the office but what we do have is all recycled including food scraps for composting or feed for our chickens. We also collect rain water for the livestock onsite. Muck from the animals is composted and all reused for growing. We have four vegetable growing areas on site and also a fruit orchard with five apples trees, cherry tree, pear tree, raspberries, strawberries and a blackberry area. We also maintain the three acres so that the area looks aesthetically pleasing but also encourages wildlife. We have some areas in the summer that we leave wild and promote long grass as well as wildflowers for the local insect population.

Our lovely Bristol office benefits from office plants and a super Clifton location with parks nearby- This is an ongoing project and we will post new updates as they happen!