Corporate Social Responsibility


We want to conduct our business to as high a standard possible providing our clients with the best service we can, but also to do it in an ethical and sustainable way. We believe that by working in this way we can contribute to the wellbeing of the veterinary profession and those that work within it. We aim to provide a reliable and transparent service that follows a set of moral principles which we feel are synonymous with the profession at large, incorporating integrity, professionalism and best practice.

Giving something back- we care about animals and we are all either pet or livestock owners- we enjoy the benefits that animals bring and keep between us a range of farm and companion animals.



We take the welfare of our planet seriously; we are in a critical phase of the Earths sustainability and we all have an important role to play in it’s survival. Our main office has been Carbon Zero since 2013. We urge everyone to be as mindful and respectful of our beautiful and diverse planet wherever possible.

How have we done this?

The energy used in our office is generated on site using photovoltaic panels and bio fuel energy.

All products used on site are environmental or recycled products.

We limit fuel use in our day to day working and most of the work is done on site using phone and internet.

We use local companies for our computer servicing and marketing design.

Our staff support local independent food services at lunch.

We have little waste in the office but what we do have is all recycled including food scraps for composting.

We have created job opportunities not just with employing all our staff in the office locally but by the very nature of our business we create employment for hundreds of people every year nationally.

Meetings that are arranged, or staff outings, support local independent retailers.

If staff are required to travel to any events, our primary aim is to use public transport wherever possible. 

Social & Professional:

We are about quality, not quantity. If we can’t do it properly we don’t do it. When you get a member of staff, or a job through our agency you know it will have been done properly, and you will receive the high level of service you deserve.

We have built our reputation on the fact that we operate our agency differently to most others. People come to us because they are looking for a high standard of service that they do not receive elsewhere.

In October 2015 we won the Monmouthshire business award for the most “Responsible business”, in addition to winning CV Magazines’ Best Recruiter Award for 2016 + 2017.

This was a validation of our commitment and hard work to working responsible. We will continue to build on this model through 2016, and firmly believe that by addressing the challenges of today, we can unlock a more prosperous and sustainable future for tomorrow.