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Agency Worker Regulations Directive implemented as of the 1st October

As of the 1st of October 2011 the Agency Worker Regulations will become law in the UK. It was first proposed in 2002 and has been in discussion for some time without conclusion. The main principle of the regulations is to provide agency workers with the same basic working and employment conditions of a permanent member of staff after a qualifying period which will be 12 weeks. It will mainly  focus on two aspects of workers equal rights; they are ‘pay rights’ and ‘non-pay rights’.  This will provide temporary workers with the same rights and benefits and full time permanent employed staff.

Our company along with our payroll company will be adopting the Swedish Derogation Model (SDM).

When a candidate signs up with the Swedish Derogation Model they become an employee of the umbrella company and as a result forego their rights to equal pay.  Therefore the regulations will only apply to ‘non pay rights’ – such as crèche facilities, access to car parking etc.

It also means that the minimum pay rate for locums through are agency cannot drop below a certain rate- it’s a good job we pay so highly then!

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September 1st, 2011

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