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Locum Rates

There is a wide range in both salary expectations and salaries paid in the UK. In this section we will aim to provide a general guide to what we feel are common and fair salaries in the UK for vets and nurses. There are a number of reasons why salaries may vary greatly, and we are giving our honest and fair opinion here rather than specifics- so please don’t hold us accountable!

Veterinary Surgeons

The three main factors affecting salary are:

  1. Geographical location- the closer to London and the Home counties you are, generally the higher the salary

  2. Experience - The more experience you have the more attractive you are to a practice- the higher the salary you can expect

  3. Generosity of the practice - Basically some just pay more than others! There are several reasons for this such as affluence of the area, how lucrative the sector worked in is, and what the owners/ practice managers are used to paying in other practices they have worked in before.

Permanent salaries for vets – will range from £21-26k for new grads, to £26-36k for 1-5 yrs experience, and between £36-45k+ for vets with more experience than this or additional certificates.

Locum rates for vets - Range between £180 – 220 per day depending on experience and location.

Veterinary Nurses

Permanent salaries for nurses- will range from £15-18k for newly qualified nurses, £17-21k+ for more experienced nurses taking into account the above factors, and £21- 27k for Head nurses.

Locum rates - The main 3 factors are as above- but will also include how you choose to be paid - PAYE nurses will always earn less than self employed or umbrella company nurses because the employer is liable for their employers NI contributions in addition to their hourly rate. You can expect to earn between £1-2 pounds per hour more if you work self employed or via an umbrella company.

Locum rates for nurses- will range between- £11- 13+ per hour

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- See more at: http://www.glvets.com/wage_rates.asp#sthash.OmxyPZK5.dpuf