About us

​GLG celebrate 15 years solely recruiting for the Veterinary profession in 2020. Our founding principles have never changed with our belief in supplying the right standard of staff for the roles we recruit. We've worked hard to gain our reputation as the premier supplier of veterinary staff in the UK and we're proud of it. Our clients come to us because they know the staff we supply can do the job properly. There is nothing worse than an inexperienced locum who can cause irreparable damage to the animals they are treating, as well as your practices trust and reputation. 

The Veterinary profession is just that- a profession, and an honest and well meaning one that is based on the provision of care . We have a duty as an agency to play our part to the highest standard possible, and this is one that is instilled in all staff from their first day of working here.

As well as the standard of staff and service that we supply, our philosophy and ethos on how we should work and conduct our business is very important to us. We realise that how we operate affects our community and wider world, and the staff that we supply play an important part in maintaining that. Know that will be done properly.