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Managed Recruitment Solutions

We're not just a recruitment supplier. If you're looking for someone to establish, manage and operate the whole or part of your resourcing needs, GLG is an ideal partner.

We manage permanent recruitment campaigns and temporary/contract workforces and this service is unique in that it is specific to the Veterinary Industry and Animal Health sectors. Our RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) experience, enables us to offer a unique combination of an RPO solution tailored to meet all your organisation's recruitment requirements, covering the full range of job specifications whether permanent, temporary or contract.

The service can deliver the following benefits to your organisation:

  • Gives you full control of recruitment throughout your organisation
  • Provides dedicated experienced recruitment support for your key Veterinary, Industry, & Animal Health requirements
  • Saves you time and resources by simplifying your recruitment model
  • Saves you money by managing rates/recruitment fees
  • Minimises employment risk from ever-changing employment legislation
  • Reduces excess candidate training and staff turnover by expertly matching requirements

If this is of interest and you would like to discuss your requirement in greater depth call us on 01291 645 871.