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Animal Welfare Support

Giving back to Animal Welfare causes and the Community is very important to us here at Gardner Llewelyn. All of us are animal lovers and/or pet owners.

Being in Vet recruitment is not just about making placements or matching the right person to the right surgery, it’s also about caring and taking responsibility.

We are passionate about animal welfare and pledge to support the causes close to us.

Over the years we have supported a number of excellent animal charities, both locally and nationally through sponsorship, ‘adopt’ an animal schemes, donations, collections for local rescues and volunteering days at local animal sanctuaries.

Our ‘adopted’ Animals

Meet Teddy!


Teddy lives at The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth Devon.

Blind since birth, Teddy is a truly inspirational donkey. With real determination he has learnt to avoid obstacles and be first in line for a good grooming.

We are pleased to support The Donkey Sanctuary and the amazing work they do. Founded in 1969 by Dr Elisabeth Svendsen MBE, the charity was set up to transform the quality of life for donkeys, mules and people worldwide through greater understanding, collaboration and support, and by promoting lasting, mutually life-enhancing relationships.

The Donkey Sanctuary now supports projects in 27 countries worldwide.

If you would like to find out more about the Donkey Sanctuary or how you can sponsor a donkey please go to: http://www.adoptadonkey.org.uk/



We often collect for local rescues and provide important supplies such as blankets, food bowls, bedding, toys and animal food and actively encourage our staff, candidates and the local community to also get involved.


All Creatures Great and Small


Based in South Wales, All Creatures Great and Small Animal Sanctuary have been serving the community since 1992.

The sanctuary receives no government funding and relies solely on public donations and donations of supplies such as blankets, food and towels.

The Sanctuary operates a programme of rehabilitation and re-homing of injured, abused, unwanted and orphaned animals.

If you would like to support All Creatures Great and Small with donations or even with volunteering please go to: http://www.allcreaturesgreatandsmall.org.uk/

Supporting our Community

Whilst the main focus of our charity works is animal related, it is also important to us to support other important causes in the local and wider community;


This is why we are now the proud sponsors of React Now.


React Now is a scheme run by the Police to raise awareness of issues relating to public safety inc. anti-social behaviour, child & internet safety and substance abuse.

Working with organisations and sponsors both locally and nationally, React Now aim to influence and educate on issues such as drugs, crime and internet safety, to raise the standards of awareness and protection for children and young people across the UK, and to bring about change.


To find out more about React Now and the work they do, or how to get involved, please go to : http://www.reactnow.org.uk/