Further to advice from the government as of 19th March our company will be home working. All consultants will still be available between 9-5pm as usual.

IR35 Cancelled

On a positive note the government has scrapped changes IR35 Legislation- Meaning if you work via a ltd company you can continue to do so for the 2020-21 financial year.

We will be trading at full capacity as always to support our clients and workers in whatever way we can during this difficult time. Please contact us via email initially as staff will have different contact numbers, but we will get back to you within the hour. All staff will be sharing which can be used in an emergency.

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Preparing Job Specification

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Before you register your vacancy, it's wise to invest some time evaluating just what it is you're after. The job specification is a tailored description of the vacancy, including the responsibilities and goals of the post-holder.

The person specification is a profile of the person you consider best fits the bill. Job and person specifications also help candidates. It will help to attract those who might not otherwise apply and narrow the field by hopefully excluding those who don't fit the bill or who don't even like the sound of the job.


  • Job title
  • Salary range
  • Core job description
  • Aims of position
  • Specific responsibilities

Range of responsibilities:
  • Day-to-day duties
  • The 'job process' from start to finish
  • A 'typical day' (if appropriate)
  • Examples of one-off projects (livens up the job - livens up the spec)

The person specification

Skills & abilities:
  • Abilities you expect your ideal candidate to demonstrate
  • Think in terms of clinical & medical, organisational or communicative skills
  • Apply each skill required with the specific job tasks

Qualifications & experience:
  • What specific education or course background do you require?
  • What level of experience is needed?
  • Length of experience gained – in which specific industries and departments

Character & personal qualities:
  • What sort of personality would fit in with your team?
  • Use descriptive words that would describe the nature of your ideal candidate
  • Think of traits that would help them complete the job efficiently
  • Character traits 

Ideal qualities:
  • What other qualities would you like your employee to display?
  • Include any other areas of the person and job that you have not included
  • Think laterally in your descriptions – delve into the underlying nature of the person and job