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The majority of vacancies featured on the Gardner Llewelyn website are located within in the UK. This page gives information for those seeking the right to work in the UK.

There are strict rules governing who may enter the UK and who may work here. Some of the most common methods of securing the right to work in the UK are listed below. Follow the links to find out more from our preferred partner for immigration, work permit and visa advice and assistance, SkillClear.
To find out more about SkillClear, please read visit the SkillClear Website

Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP)

The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) is a points based method of immigration for skilled workers. Primarily based upon points being awarded for education, age and recent earnings, approval for HSMP by the UK Home Office gives the individual the right to work in any capacity and for any employer without the employer needing to sponsor a work permit. This has proven to be one of the most popular methods of UK Immigration in recent years and time in the UK under the HSMP Visa counts towards Permanent Residence.

To find out if you might gain enough points to qualify you can complete Skillclear's online HSMP Points Calculator Assessment.
Find out more about the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme

UK Work Permit - Employer Sponsored

An employer sponsored UK Work Permit must be applied for by the UK employer. There are a number of different work permits, depending upon whether the job is on the UK Skills Shortage list, the position is for Training and Work Experience purposes or it is for the purpose of transferring from an overseas office to a UK office of the same employer. The employer will need to show Work Permits (UK) that they are a viable business with a genuine requirement for the potential employee.
Find out more about Employer Sponsored Work Permits

Working Holidaymaker Visa

The Working Holiday Visa is available for members of certain commonwealth countries who are within a specific age range and have not previously held a working holiday visa. This visa allows the individual to enter the UK with the right to work for any employer on a limited basis whilst enjoying a holiday in the UK. This is often useful for gaining some UK work experience whilst experiencing UK culture and improving English language skills.
Find out more about Working Holidaymaker Visas

Further UK Immigration information:

SkillClear Immigration Services- our preferred partner for immigration, work permit and visa advice and assistance.
Home Office – Working in the UK - For information on the routes open to Foreign Nationals who want to work in the UK
UK Visas – For visa information from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

National Insurance

If you are going to work in the UK you will also require a National Insurance number.

Process of National Insurance Number(NI Numbers) allocation

NI numbers are required for employment/self-employment purposes or to benefits and tax credits. Overseas nationals entering the UK apply to their local Jobcentre for a NI number. An interview date is then arranged at the local office. an application form (CA5400) is completed and documentation examined. This may include the use of ultra-violet lighting to check that passports/ visas are genuine.

If you want to apply for a National Insurance Number to start work- Telephone 0845 600 0643 (8am - 6pm Monday to Friday).